Woman Jailed for Abandoned Dogs

You read these type of stories all the time, I know, but I was horrified to read about a British woman jailed for abandoning 100 dogs.  Not horrified that the woman was jailed, mind you, but horrified to read that just because her business was bankrupt she abandoned 100 St. Bernard dogs without food or water while she went on holiday. I mean, couldn’t she have sold the dogs long before it got to the point that she couldn’t care for them.

I just don’t understand how people can tread dogs so carelessly.


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Is it a Dog Cage or an End Table

Ever seen an end table that doubles as a dog cage? I have, just the other day in fact. I have often seen them advertised on line, you know the hard wood or wicker end table sitting beside a couch, that doubles as a dog cage or dog bed.  Well, just the other day I happened to visit my daughter, who is a pet lover, and found that she’d just bought one. According to her, ‘she couldn’t resist’.  Well, I had to admit, when I saw it, that it did look really nice and it seemed both her cat and her dog thought so as well.

Apparently there’s a little bit of a war going on currently as to who actually owns the rights to that decorative dog cage, with Miss. Cat thinking that it’s sole purpose is for her to rest her very weary body throughout the day. Well, she tries. Hamish, a rather spiteful little dachshund who is also claiming ownership, harried her all day, till she finally gave up and climbed up on top of the table instead!  Hamish then proved his ownership by climbing into the pen, curling up and going to sleep. I suppose he was probably tired after all of that harassing.

Anyway, I was quite impressed with the table come dog cage, and it fit splendidly with the room’s decor.

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What to Make a Dog Run From?

A dog run is a simple way to provide pets with an area where they can run, get exercise, and be safe from any potential dangers. Homeowners should consider what to make a dog run from depending on the temperament and behavior habits of the dog.  Most dog runs are made from chain link fencing but wood fencing is also an option. Wood can be used for dogs that will not scratch and tear at the fence. A chain link fence is the best option for adventurous dogs that like to cause trouble by digging under the fence.

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How to Build a Dog Kennel and Run

Many people with dogs often would like to know how to build a dog kennel and run.  If you’re one of those people, then you have a couple of different avenues you could take.  The first, and easiest by far, is to buy a dog kennel/run kit from the store.  These can be found at the pet store or sometimes even the hardware store.  If your needs for a dog kennel require something a bit more unique, then you can opt to design and build one yourself.  Measure the area well, get the materials, sink the posts deep, and make sure the area provides shade.

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Make Your Own Dog Kennel

If you have perused the aisles of your local pet supply store lately, the cost of pre-built dog kennels has probably surprised you. The truth of the matter is that building a kennel for your dog(s) is not at all a difficult task. With a few supplies and a couple of hours, you can make your own dog kennel.

Sometimes it is impossible to have your dog in the home and tying him or her up is not an option. The best thing about making your own is that you can customize as you go along.  Most kennels have a floor and four sides but you can even add your own roof.

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Building a Dog Run With Class

One of the greatest dog runs that I know about was erected by a dog owner with deep pockets, but could perhaps be duplicated in a cheaper version by using prefabricated dog run panels that can be bought one at a time to expand existing units with.

While building the dog kennel and run, survey the whole picture from the eyes of a dog. Dogs are curious by nature and want to run and play in all areas of your yard at once. Like children, they enjoy watching what is going on in their worlds, and become frustrated if they can’t quite see what is just outside of their view.

My favorite dog run was put up by a fencing contractor that simply wrapped two sets of chain-link fences all of the way around the property line with an entry gate available on each wall. The small dogs inside could race all over the property, and they could watch everything that the small children did on the inside yard with grass.

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DIY Versus Buying a Dog Kennel

The function of a dog kennel is to allow your pet an inside area while they are outside so that the can get away from the elements if they desire. Over the years, dogs have used everything from sturdy cardboard boxes or crates with holes placed into the side to actual full-sized storage buildings as their temporary home while outside.

In the past, building the dog kennel and run was fashionable so that you could add comfort features that the store bought versions did not come with. Building materials were cheap, or free, and nobody really cared what the doghouse came out looking like. DIY versus buying a dog kennel made sense.

Today, everything is reversed. Building materials cost more when bought separately than they do created into a finished product. Doghouses are now viewed as a fashionable part of the yard decorations, and beautifully engineered architectural versions of kennels are on the market today in new or used versions at very reasonable prices.

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